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John Roa

Founder & CEO, Caden

John Roa is Founder & CEO of Caden. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, technologist,  philanthropist, investor and author. John lives in New York City.

Caden is debuting the first Open Data platform. To date, brands collect first-party, second-party and third-party data on consumers to create internal Consumer Data Platforms, creating siloed profiles of each user. The Caden platform breaks down those walls, allowing for users to collect various forms of disparate data from the brands that they interact with in their digital
lives. In this “zero-party data” future, brands will be able to provide a more personalized and context-driven experience, with the user squarely in the center.

Carla Hendra

Global CEO, Ogilvy Consulting

Carla Hendra is the Global CEO of Ogilvy Consulting and has been at the forefront of strategic innovation for brand and business for over 25 years. Carla lives in New York City.

Carla began her career in database marketing in financial services, e-commerce and publishing, applying many of the same techniques that have become more sophisticated and algorithmic, but which essentially depend on “knowing the customer”. She is deeply invested in the data and privacy debate.

Ogilvy Consulting is the strategy, innovation, and business insights arm of The Ogilvy Group. An enterprise-wide offer, we provide advisory services across Business Growth & Innovation Strategy, Business Transformation, Brand & Marketing Innovation, Sustainability, Behavioral Science and Futuring.

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Caden is currently evaluating tech partnerships (app is currently in development) and brand partnerships (for organizations seeking ethically sourced data)

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